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Blue Ridge Investigations L.L.C.

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We value our customers and we strive to keep our investigative services affordable. Always use good judgment in your choice of investigators or investigative companies. Watch for hidden fees, and compiling costs.

Here are fees for some of our standard services:

Accident Investigations: $ 50.00 hour

Investigations: $ 40.00 hour

Process Service: $ 35.00 per document plus mileage

Mileage: $ 0.49 per mile

Expenses: Per cost directly related to case.

Database Research: At cost to company

Fugitive Recovery: Per case basis

Personal Consultations: FREE!

For specific cases or inquiries, please contact us so we can provide a fee quotation.

*E-mail to inquire about our discounts for long travel distances or lengthly investigtions*

Free Consultation. No hidden fees. Dependable * Professional * There when it matters *