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*Qualifications, Certifications and Specialized Training*

Nathan A. Glanden (CAI)

Vice-President Blue Ridge Investigations. 
Chief Investigator/ CAI

Mr. Glanden received his private investigator license after he was a deputy sheriff for 8 1/2 years, a ranger for Hatfield & McCoy trail system for 1 year and then the Chief of police in Gilbert.

Mr. Glanden graduated the West Virgina State Police Academy in 1996 with a 93.4 gpa. He recieved a letter of accommodation from the United States Department of Justice, and a letter of appriciation from Southern West Virginia Community College for an informative presentation to the CJ230 class. Mr. Glanden became a certified accident investigator through the National Association of Investigation Specialists in 2006 and a Certified Surveillance Investigator in 2007.

Mr. Glanden has also received certificates of achievement in the following fields.

Certified Accident Investigator (CAI)
Certified Surveillance Investigator (CSI)
Accident Investigation- Phase I.

Report Writing

Courtroom Testimony & Procedures

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene: The Critical Hours of an Investigation

Forensic Death Investigation

West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney Training

Fifteenth Mediocloegal Investigation of Death Seminar

Head injury- Adult & Child

Investigation of injuries and death of children

Intentional injury- Recognition and Documentation

Accident Avoidance

Child Abuse and Neglect

Missing Persons & Runaways

Certified K-9 Handler & Uses of Patrol Dogs

Qualified Pistol Expert

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